The Keys To Success In Life

The Keys To Success In Life

Imagine having a mind so exceptional, you can change the world? Why are some people so much smarter than the rest of us? National Geographic magazine devoted a recent feature to geniuses, that got me thinking.

What are the origins of genius? Is it mere intelligence or creativity? Are geniuses born or nurtured? If they’re nurtured, can anyone become a genius? Is Warren Buffett a genius?

The short answer is, we don’t know. We only have clues.

Genius children are usually born to non-genius parents. Nurture is essential to growing a genius.

Intelligence alone, measured on the basis of IQ isn’t a predictor of tremendous accomplishment. Many non-geniuses succeed where those with ‘genius’ IQ levels fail.

The ‘aha’ moment requires creativity as much as intelligence.

While unpicking the origins of genius is fascinating, who cares? Why should I keep reading?

Here’s the thing. While I’m not a genius, what got me really thinking was the difference between a successful genius and one that isn’t.

And the answer applies to every one of us. A take away that we all share that can make a huge difference to our lives.

What You Have In Common With A Genius

The myth of the genius is that the brilliance just happens. That based on sheer talent alone, a genius is guaranteed to accomplish great things. Success is effortless and doesn’t involve hard work.

In reality, fortitude and discipline are essential to any accomplishment even those of brilliant minds. And what’s more, the number one predictor of success is actually productivity.

No one, not even a genius succeeds on their only try. Thomas Edison had 15 or so great inventions. But he held over one thousand patents in the US.

Charles Darwin was an ‘overnight success’ after spending two decades perfecting “On the Origin of the Species.”

What world changing geniuses do is exactly the same thing that each and every one of us can do to succeed – be prolific in our efforts and not give up.

Oh, and to network. The lone genius is apparently exceedingly rare. Geniuses in each field and era created a web of connections. Remember Isaac Newton writing “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”. Apparently he knew all the greatest scientist in Europe at the time.

Acing Your Side Hustle

The appeal of the genius mind for me has always been the dedication to their field. Being utterly brilliant at something and knowing this is what you were born to do.

But now I think I’m wrong. Geniuses didn’t know they were going to do it, until they actually did.

Which is a lot like acing your side hustle.

The little secret behind the side hustle thing is it’s actually damn hard work. It’s taking a gamble that you hope will pay off.

Saving a dollar is a lot easier than earning one. If it wasn’t, the world would be full of successful small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Starting a blog is easy. Making it profitable is hard.

The experts will tell you that picking a good investment property or share is as easy as following their system. But it’s not.

Becoming a freelancer is easy. Believing in yourself and charging appropriate Recognise what you have in common with genius and ace you side hustle rates is hard.

Coming up with awesome entrepreneurial ideas is the easier part. Executing them is damn hard.

So if you’re doing it, or thinking about the side hustle thing, it’s worth remembering that even the world’s greatest minds need fortitude and discipline. That the only way to accomplish something is to be prolific.

The more you produce, the higher the chance that one of your ideas will soar.

Embrace these 6 genius traits in your side hustle and maybe one day your ideas or business will change the world:

  1. Be prolific in your work

  2. Network with your peers

  3. Keep going as long as it takes

  4. Don’t expect to get it right on the first try

  5. Be curious about everything around you

  6. Work in your creative zone

Are you working on a side hustle that you hope will one day change the world? How many of the genius traits do you share?

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