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8 Strategies for a Successful New Year

That time of year is fast approaching. Not the one with a million parties, last minute frantic shopping with everyone else and kisses from rellies you haven’t seen since…well…this time last year. No, I mean it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions, again! Despite 6,000 […]

The Smashed Avocado Debate

The Smashed Avocado Debate

One small paragraph towards the end of a weekly column was all it took to ignite a fierce intergenerational debate about avocado, I mean housing. Are the Boomers hoarding the wealth and locking out Generation Y? Or is the current lousy generation more interested in […]

Change without New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions. About half of us make them. Just 8% of people achieve them. There’s no shortage of advice, much of it scientifically validated on how to set New Year’s resolutions that will stick. All you need to do is; keep it simple and […]

How To Start Living On Your Terms

How To Start Living On Your Terms

Ever heard the old, don’t buy a coffee each day and by 65 you could be a millionaire* and caffeine free! Which is either good news or bad news. Yeah, I hate that advice. I know the point is to show that small amounts add […]

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