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I first came across Mr Money Mustache while searching for air conditioning statistics. In that one post, his head kicking, no crap taking attitude made me feel less alone in the world. There were other people out there who thought that air conditioning was not a necessity!?! I nearly forwarded the post to a relative, whose summer energy bill was a source of great source of stress and consternation.

But I thought better of it. While to me this mustached man was preaching to the converted, I doubted he would get it. In fact, I figured he’d be offended and miss what is actually a really important message. So instead I decided to start this blog.

Because I get, that not everyone gets it. The crux of Mr Money Mustaches’ message is to get off the giant consumption treadmill that is the standard Western lifestyle for the sake of your financial future.

Retiring at 30 is of course optional! I found his ideas to be pretty non-controversial and had intuitively implemented many of them for years.

Others find them new and inspirational, but for a lot of people his lifestyle doesn’t look like the good life, it looks cheap.

To actually follow the advice would mean rewiring a whole lot of cultural programming, rejecting social norms and rethinking conventional wisdom.

And that, is bloody hard to do.

So, I get that not everyone gets it. But if we’re serious about becoming financially free, then it’s critical to look at the mental wiring you have about money. Change that and the consumption treadmill may look less appealing and you might even consider Mr Money Mustache charming and witty.

No guarantees on that one though!

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