Simple Living

Looking Rich Versus Being Rich

Looking Rich Versus Being Rich

Cleaning up my computer recently I came across an article that I’d copied and pasted for safe keeping back in the days before Google was a verb. “Simple living yields simply millions in savings” was a real eye opener at a time when I had […]

A Beautiful Life Can Be Frugal

Frugal. What springs to mind when you hear that word? I think spinsters, darned stockings and a housekeeping money box. To me ‘frugal’ feels like watching other people enjoy life’s luxuries while I eat a packed lunch consisting of soggy sandwiches and a semi-squashed banana. […]

Financial freedom without a budget?

The day he moved into his newly bought, 1950’s style complete with cardboard-boxes-for-furniture home, my future mother-in-law gave her son this piece of sage financial advice: “Write out your budget so you know how much you have left over after you pay the mortgage each […]

Blogging Inspiration

I first came across Mr Money Mustache while searching for air conditioning statistics. In that one post, his head kicking, no crap taking attitude made me feel less alone in the world. There were other people out there who thought that air conditioning was not […]